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Ghana’s dancehall Godmother, Shegah on Friday night stormed the newly opened pub of ‘Shata Michy’ to back her entrepreneurial spirit after critics lampooned her on social media.

Michy, Shata Wale’s ‘Big Booty Girl’ is the owner of  Diamond Pub, an upstart enterprise in Ghana’s plush East Legon neighborhood.  Due to permit issues for the location, the structure cannot be permanent hence its mainframe is a container. However, Diamond pub has been done up nicely with lights and a well-stocked bar that will be the envy of many good pubs in the capital. The general ambiance is great and it’s popping every night since its opening with activity.

However, critics of Ghana’s dancehall king Shata Wale have laid into him for ‘bragging’ about his wealth and his wife’s new pub only to find out that it is ‘ a container store.’ This kicked up a storm on social media especially on the Facebook pages of the Shata Movement family.

Shata Wale himself waded in and called the bluff of everyone who dared insult his ‘girl’.


Shegah, the Queen Pin of Ghana dancehall, however, was disappointed with the attitude of fans and rather chose to encourage Shatta Michy by playing up the sister argument.

She wrote on her Facebook Page;

“When a woman is able to do what most men can’t do, she needs to be appreciated. Yes she has started a good thing. We have to support her in every way we can. “Go Girl and Big It Up. I love the set up bad bad. In fact this Friday , I dey storm the place with my girls. Drinks and everything on me,” Shega said much to the delight of Shata Wale and Shata Michy and their multitude of social media followers.


So on Friday night, Shegah kept her promise. She Stormed the Diamond Pub with her girls and it was near pandemonium as they tried to redefine fun.

Shata Michy was very appreciative of the support and thanked Shegah, the Godmother of Ghana Dancehall for siding with her as her sister. A few pictures below.


Dancehall Godmother refuses to be drawn into Dancehall Debate

Dancehall artiste Shegah says she will not be drawn into rating who the ‘Queen of Ghana Dancehall Music’ is. The Godmother, credited with introducing the genre to female musicians in Ghana rightfully says “since I am the Godmother, I am indeed the one who should be able to determine who the Dancehall Queen of Ghana is. But I will not because I have not seen enough to crown anybody,” She told Joy FM’s Lexis Bill on the Drive Time Show on Friday.

“All the ladies in Dancehall are contributing to the development of the art form.  To be a queen is not just the music because somebody may have even written the song.  If you want a queen, let’s give all the ladies mics.  Let’s put them on stage and let’s ask them to battle.  The ‘Queen’ will then emerge. ”


Female artistes Kaakie, Miss Vee and recent entrant Ebony are all regarded as Dancehall artistes.  The newbies who are making great music have sparked an argument among their fans as to who is the best.

However,  Shegah who has re-branded from Shegeh Styla of now defunct popular female group Triple M says the ‘Dancehall Queen’ argument among the presumed contestants may even be flawed.


“Some of the female artists have publicly come out to say they are not even dancehall artistes.  You may sound like a dancehall artiste because you use a certain rhythm but that does not make you a dancehall artiste.  Dancehall is a different ball game altogether.  The chant, the dance, the stage rock the vibe and many other things make up dancehall. To be Queen is to master all these aspects and I have not seen anyone in that light.


Shegah is set to hit the charts again after a long period of inactivity on the music scene.  Her rumoured one million dollar deal with Magic Records,  a division of Magic Media seems to have re-energised the artist and given her a new perspective of her dreams.


“I must really thank Magic Records.  They have brought me back. This is where I always wanted to be. I have a great management team behind me and I honestly believe the Chairman of the Group will change the way musicians are handled and promoted in Ghana. He is a bit media shy so I cannot name him now.”


“I already have Big it Up, a positive chant on life on heavy rotation and I am about to drop a banger with two of the biggest dancehall artistes in West Africa. The song is done and it’s going rock the clubs I believe. I am truly grateful. ” Shegah said.


Shegah,  formerly known as Shegeh Styla was the leader of the first all-female Hip Life group Triple M which churned out hit songs like Girls Girls and Koti.

Shegah says even though she is ready to embrace her new world of opportunity her past with Triple M fills her with nostalgia and will carry the memories with her.


“it was so much fun with the girls.  I have very good memories of Triple M. No matter how far I go, Triple M will always be in my heart” Shegah concluded.



Shegah ready for Jamaica collabos

Ghana Dancehall ‘Godmother’ is set to take her talent to the ends of the world by famously collaborating with the hottest Jamaican acts of today. A list of names is being considered by Magic Records, the label managing Shegah.

Some big names like the current Jamaican Dancehall Queen Spice and inspirational crooner Duane Stephenson have been mentioned in conversations but Shegah says she will keep her cards close to her chest.

“I am about to do a record with a global icon from Jamaica but I cannot disclose any names now. It is part of the surprise in store for our joint fans. Taking the music to the world is my dream. Being on stage with international artistes and doing music together is a highly enriching experience. You learn by observing, and taking advantage of the space and opportunities that come your way. ”


Shegah is scheduled to release a new single featuring Ghana dancehall legend Samini and upshot star Epixode. The track labelled  “another brainy classic” by Samini because it was produced by Brainy Beatz is set to raise standards of dancehall in the country.

“I know people would find my work with Samini and Epixode to be real hardcore dancehall.  The lingua, the beats and the attitude. We wanted to produce something that can be played anywhere and people would still jam to it as a pure dancehall tune. I am grateful that I could work with the two gentlemen. Working with Samini, my long term friend was so inspiring. Epixode was equally sweet. It would be released by the end of April. I am looking forward to how it will be accepted,” said Shegah.

The former lead of female group Triple M is set to get very busy in the coming months because of work.

“I am a musician. I am here to work. I am sinking myself into the work because this is what I do and there are expectations of me. I want to collaborate with many top level artistes in Ghana, I am writing music, I am recording music and many other things. I pray to God for strength so I can live up to the schedule. I am so excited to be realising my dream. I just hope the fans out there are thrilled with the final output”





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