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The idea of a woman always come with the vivid imagination of a curvaceous nature, mild, tender and in exceptional cases smart. The mind  of the eye sees too much physical things, it takes efforts to show the hidden brains.
My admiration for one woman in our own country may know no boundaries Peace Hyde. For a woman whose body can glue men to their seat for hours, its an irony we now see beyond her physical appearance but true she is doing that.
For the likes of Peace Hyde, Joselyn Dumas, Yvonne Okoro, Becca and other curvaceous ladies, its almost like they metamorphosed their whole being and when you look at them, you see their brains and not their body.
Getting attention with the enchanting nature of the woman body is easy, but getting attention for the brains is very hard. Having followed and watched these women ways of life i notice similar patterns with how they deal with issues. My favorite of all Peace Hyde. I see an easy way  of achieving a dream as a woman whiles shifting attention to our inner abilities.
First of all, Have a dream – a car from Kumasi to Accra has many stops, you can get down anywhere you choose, but when you don’t know where you are going, even at the last stop you wont notice.
Having a goal, an ambition, something to start with direct your path. If that aspect of your journey preparation isn’t complete don’t start it. If you don’t know the reason you want to be famous, don’t even think of being one.
Secondly cover up – obviously you can’t tear fashion away from a woman, but you can tear a woman away from fashion. This is a personal choice backed by all the morals and values in your mind. You choose the style you want to be known for and when you get too confused, go back to point one to define why you are starting the journey in the first place, what you intend to achieve, who you want to influence and that will help you choose a suitable style. Once again is a choice and My favorite  woman Peace Hyde knows how to package all that body and still look gorgeous.
Third don’t flaunt your body – I heard a comment from Amber Rose on her recent ‘Free Your Nipple’ campaign that she don’t understand why people refer to Kim Kardarshian and herself as sluts but when Beyonce and others shows their body in videos, its accepted. Is it because they have talents? Yes of course, she answered herself thou, is because they have talents and manage to make their most noticeable ability as their voice, so yes we see the body but we are enchanted by the voice. However on the other hand, there isn’t much to remember about Amber Rose and Kim except nude picture, sex tapes, surgery and off course the recent ‘Free Your Nipple’ campaign which shows their shallow mind.  We are allowed to flaunt our body of course but why are we concentrating on showing something we cant hide. Its protruding already yet we are wearing things, doing things to show it. interesting enough who we are shows a lot in our words and appearance. The way we sell ourselves on social media sticks in peoples mind and for the smart ones like us we see beyond just a picture. let me show you something you might not have thought off. If you ever follow these celebrities check their captions on pictures, you will know the insecurities and their strengths. Some are insecure and always damming their haters, some always talking about their bodies and many more.
The next thing is BeCareful how you response to issues – becareful the way you respond when people talk about you. I tend to think this is a major problem in our entertainment industry. Our PR is an eyesore. The choice of words, tone and emotions to responding to any allegations will go a long way to either making you shine brighter or dim yourself. I think silence should be the best answer to most allegations. Any attempt to answer should be brief and comical and the rest of the time you get, talk more about your projects .
So Peace Hyde sparked several commotions with her body on her appearance on TV. Everyone wondering if is real. I still haven’t heard a concrete answer from her because that’s how is suppose to be, the less people know, the less they talk about it. whether is real, fake or whatever, its there, she loves it and working past it. Is like being asked at a TV interview,’you have a nice body, how do you achieve it’, throw them the perfect answer, ‘thank you, i exercise which is healthy especially with the new project am working on its….’. The whole idea is not not give answers and make remarks which will give bloggers like us the opportunity to make news out of it.
lastly, choose wiser friends- indeed your friends tell more about you than you can imagine. Walking with wise people makes you learn more. Not to talk much about this point let me prove a point to you.
The Okoros-Ankobiah friendship, the Yvonne Nelson-Delay friendship, the Bella Mundi-Serwaa friendship. Whatever you are thinking by now is exactly what i want you to think.
A woman about brains is difficult to spot under all the facade appearance. Wear your brains outside and don’t think for a second we are shaming the woman body. We are just saying why are you trying so hard to show something which is already protruding.
Writer – E.A.G
NB: writers opinions, observations Thank you
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