Acting is lucrative — Emelia Brobbey

Acting is lucrative — Emelia Brobbey

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The celebrated Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey, says acting is a lucrative business and has, therefore, advised young people who want to become professional actors and actresses to do so without any fears whatsoever.

“Acting is lucrative; it’s been feeding me and my family and I have learnt a lot of lessons since I started acting in 2003. So, yes, it is good,” she said.

In an interview with the Graphic Youth World, the actress, who stars in both English and Twi movies, said she had not regretted taking up the acting profession, since it puts food on her table and had shaped up her life in a way that she was happy about, particularly because she was a role model to many.

The pretty actress is also using her ingenuity and great presence in the movie industry to be a producer. Apart from being an actress, she has already produced four movies — Frema, Mekunu Wuo, Ennye me saa and Adanfo bone.

Emelia recently got rid of her hair and now wears a natural trim cut. Asked why she did that, since most actresses liked having long hair and spent so much time and money on their hair, she said she just wanted a new look.

“Besides, keeping it natural is saving me a lot of money,” she added.

One thing that Emelia is passionate about, apart from acting and producing films, is supporting the underprivileged in society and, as a result, has set up a foundation to help the needy in society.

According to her, she set up the Emelia Brobbey Charity Organisation (EBCO) in 2011 and had so far donated items to orphanages, marketplaces, senior high schools, rehabilitation centres, among others, across the country.

Emelia is grateful to her fans for being there for her and said they should look out for more movies and unparalleled philanthropic works.







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