Actress Ebi Bright eyes CPP Tema Central seat

Actress Ebi Bright eyes CPP Tema Central seat

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The beautiful Ghanaian/Nigerian actress, Ebi Bright has shown interest in contesting as the Parliamentary Candidate on the ticket of the CPP in the Tema Central Constituency.

The elegant actress hosted a session of the CPP Tema Central executives at her residence on Friday. The actress who resides within the constituency and had lived most of her life within the constituency thinks that; the CPP in Tema Central, have for the past months, shown much leadership and care for its residents and is at the vantage position of winning the 2016 parliamentary elections.

For example; the CPP Tema Central holds its constituency meeting twice every month and this phenomenon has been the status quo since the inception of Tema Central.

The constituency has become the voice of its residents by voicing out community problems through its numerous press releases, which have led to instant responses by the relevant authorities.

The constituency also has programs that bring together kids to have fun on every Christmas and Easter.

The constituency has been very instrumental on the numerous sewage bursts and the lack of street lights and robberies within the constituency which has led to swift responses by the appropriate authorities for some of the issues raised.

These are just to mention a few of the various community activities that the constituency has been engaged in. Ebi also thinks that, since TEMA is a brain child of the CPP; it will only take the CPP in Tema Central to aid get Tema back to its GLORY.

Choked Sewage everywhere, visual fecal matters at its best display at every corner in the constituency, lack of adequate street lights which in itself is breeding several social cankers and many more are the severe problems facing the constituency.





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