Adjetey Anang, Jackie Appiah Honoured By Ghana Health Service

Adjetey Anang, Jackie Appiah Honoured By Ghana Health Service

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Actors Adjetey Anang and Jackie Appiah have been honoured by Ghana Health Service for their sterling work in promoting adolescent reproductive health issues.

The two famed actors have been the main characters in the popular Tv series YOLO [You Only Live Once], an entertainment drama series which educate and promote positive health behaviours directed at youth, including reproductive health, malaria prevention, and nutrition.

They were honoured on October 22 at a gathering in Accra to celebrate GoodLife campaign and many other accomplishments by the USAID and Ghana Health Service.

“20 years of promoting adolescent reproductive health issues and healthy living.” Adjetey Anang posted on his Instagram page.

YOLO is a part of the “Good Life, Live it Well” campaign that promotes positive health behaviours.

Since 2016, the United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has worked with the Ghana Health Service and the National Population Council and provided financial support to produce the YOLO series.

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