Agya Koo still remains the ‘’Resurrector of Ghana Movie

Agya Koo still remains the ‘’Resurrector of Ghana Movie

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A Film Producer and Manager of Ace Actor Agya Koo, Ernest Atta Aboagye has taken a swipe against comments that Agya Koo did not resurrected Ghana movie industry from its abyss.

A Kumasi Based Film Director Jackson K. Bentum last week shared some facts about the origination and ownership of the Ghana Movie Industry since Alexander Kofi Adu known as Agya Koo is gaining credit as a resurgence of Ghana Movies.

Mr. Bentum, who won best script writer in 2012 Kumawood awards, was emphatically that the movie industry is a collective idea so any individual who claimed credit for resurrecting the film industry is a big lie.

But reacting to the comment on Ashh fm E-zone in Kumasi, Ernest Atta Aboagye said his client remains unbeatable in the Ghanaian local movie industry.

According to him, no one can talk about the revival of the Ghana movie industry without given credits to Agya Koo.

Atta Aboagye told Nana Amoako host of the show that, Agya Koo’s achievement in the movie industry is unarguable.

“The truth is one, no one can say for a fact that Agya Koo’s is not a’’ resurrector’’ of the Ghana Movie Industry’’

If you talk of industry players who deserve credit in the industry there is no way you can mention without my client’s name’’

Atta Aboagye insisted that he doesn’t sight with Jackson Bentum’s comment, though he is entitled to his opinion.

He said the absence of Agya Koo in the movie has bitterly affected the industry, the film industry is not booming anymore for that matter majority of the producers have invested in different business.






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