Amanda Jissih Publicly Denigrated Ghana DJ Awards – Merqury Quaye

Amanda Jissih Publicly Denigrated Ghana DJ Awards – Merqury Quaye

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Merqury Quaye and his former work colleague Amanda Jissih are not cool, can confirm.

The boss of Merqury Republic has established the truth in what led to his loggerheads with Mandy Jay when speaking to Zionfelix on Radio Univers.

The Hitz FM drivetime host during the phone conversation on the Accra-based radio station revealed that Miss Jissih publicly talked ill about his annual Ghana DJ Awards two years back and that started their ‘war’.

Quaye said Amanda two years back said on Hitz FM during her afternoon show that she would never waste her cash on a dress to the Ghana DJ Awards again since it was not worth her time.

He quoted Amanda to have said several other denigrating statements about the awards on her show which made fans of Merqury Quaye rain insults on her after the program that fateful day.

The DJ added that the former employee of Hitz FM apologized to his fans the next day but failed to say sorry to him, Merqury after all the ill comments she made about the DJ Awards, an action he felt was extremely wrong.

Merqury maintained that the two fell out after her comments on radio that day and things have never been cool between them.

He also made it clear that Amanda Jissih cannot sit behind a microphone and spew garbage about an award scheme which is dear to his heart and expect them to be cool afterward.

To him, Ghana DJ Awards is all he has and he has been trying all he can to make it prestigious in the eyes of the public so insulting the brand will ink your name in her bad books and that is what has happened to Amanda Jissih.






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