Anita Erskine’s Delivery Awes at Golden Movie Awards!

Anita Erskine’s Delivery Awes at Golden Movie Awards!

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If you ever doubted Anita Erskine’s prowess as a Mistress of Ceremonies, Saturday night’s star studded Golden Movie Awards awards would have been the moment when you gave her your seal of approval.
Anita Erskine loved the stage and it’s was obvious. She dribbled the French and English in her master ‘show off’ style! It was an apt approach as the organizers of the Golden Movie Awards had clearly described how they want the Golden Movie Awards as an African event.
One thing that I guess truly awed the audience is that unlike most awards where it’s obvious that the MC’s are not scripted and fumble or ARE indeed scripted and simply read without expression. Miss Erskine just let the evening roll smoothly although unscripted!
Yesterday on Miss Erskine’s instagram page, she expressed her gratitude to stylist Akosua Vee for saving the day. Ok so I was one to say, lovely dress but maybe a simpler style? Till I read how Akosua Vee and Sima Brew jumped in at the 9th hour to ensure the smooth Empress did not go on stage in an invisible cloak!!!
On the bright side, I have to say, we hardly see Anita Erskine at events. And I’m told, unless she has a definite role to play, the queen of speech does not go out much due to her hectic schedule and balancing home affairs as well!
Anita Erskine dazzled the audience hands down. In my humble opinion, she is undoubtedly the best MC Ghana can boast of and I am now convinced she’s about the take the world by storm! I can’t finish off without congratulating  DKB! He got everyone laughing till their ribs hurt! Although it started late, I have to say cudos to the organizers. The ceremony was sweet, short and straight to the point‎. This is definitely an indication for greatness to come!





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