Azali’ Gets Thumps Up At University Of Ghana

Azali’ Gets Thumps Up At University Of Ghana

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Cinema enthusiasts came out in their numbers on Friday to a successful premiere of new Ghanaian film titled ‘Azali’ at the University of Ghana.

The film was screened twice at the Bank of Ghana (BoG) auditorium on campus and was attended by some of its cast, including Akorfa Edjeani, Peter Ritchie, Adjetey Anang, among others.

Some persons who watched the film rated it as a very good movie. Some rated it 8.5/10 and described it as “a breath of fresh air.”

“The story is straight to the point and cuts deep into the conscience of the viewer. There is no denying that we need more stories and films like this. It delivers on entertainment, keeping you hostage for its about 90 mins run time and still leaves you with enough to ponder over long after it has ended,” a review on said about the film.

‘Azali’ is a film about 14-year-old Amina from northern Ghana, who is thrust into the slums of Accra by circumstances and must find a way to get back home. Amina has her life going well until her mother makes a decision that changes all that. Faced with a choice of perceived hopelessness, marrying Amina to a much older man or sending her off to work in Burkina Faso, she chooses the latter. But unknown to her, the man is part of a child smuggling syndicate.

Amina, together with the other victims, are rescued and sent to an orphanage for resettlement to their various homes, but by some cruel twist of fate, Amina follows some child veterans of the home to Accra in search of a better life.

‘Azali’ is produced by Ananse Entertainment and directed by Kwabena Gyansah. It was earlier premiered in Tamale before the University of Ghana, Legon. It will later be premiered in Kumasi.






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