Ban Violent Movies Not Sexual Ones — Socrate Safo

Ban Violent Movies Not Sexual Ones — Socrate Safo

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Movie producers have often come under fire for promoting sex and nudity in their movies, but for one of the players in the industry, Socrate Safo, people should channel their energies into attacking movies with violent content because they are more dangerous.

Socrate, a producer and director who has suffered constant attacks for his movies such as Hot Fork, Love and Sex, Sexy Angel and God Is Wicked, said sex or romance were things we needed as humans but what could cause mayhem was violence in movies.

“Instead of saying that we should put a stop to movies that have sexual undertones, we should rather concentrate on how to clamp down on movies that promote violence, like the use of guns etc.

“You watch a movie and revenge is being planned; people are taught how to use guns, make bombs among others. These are the things that if care is not taken, will end up plunging the country into a situation we may not be able to control. 

“Have we not heard that marriages and relationships are collapsing because of lack of sex or romance? So what is wrong if we make movies that teach people about love and how to make their relationships or love life good? 

“Can you compare that to a movie where armed robbers are all over plotting where to rob and how to go about it etc?” he asked Showbiz recently.

Socrate Safo, who grew up on the streets of Bukom and started making movies in the 80s, said he wished Ghana would join other countries that were considering banning movies that had a lot of violence, especially when it involved guns.

“I cringe when I watch a movie and I see guns being used. It worries me and I wish our country would start looking at banning these movies instead. Let us not forget that movies are to educate, inform and entertain and so people learn from them. 

“If you make a movie that shows how you can trail someone and rob them with a knife or at gunpoint, what are we teaching the young ones? I wish we would be like the countries that are not giving room for gun or violence of any form,” he stated.

On the state of the industry now, Socrate, who is currently the Director of Creative Arts, responsible for Programmes & Projects at the National Commission on Culture, said, “I know the challenges the industry is going through and I understand but I’m glad we are now getting there. 

“The problem we have now is orientation. Today, people wake up and with one or two materials are shooting movies, but they do not know that whatever they do will affect the industry in one way or another so people shouldn’t just go and shoot anything.

“Also, these television stations are showing the movies for free and so people are not buying DVDs anymore, but I am happy we are bringing back the use of film theatre. It is a good sign that we are getting there,” he said.






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