Be brotherly, trash your differences – Bright beseeches 4×4

Be brotherly, trash your differences – Bright beseeches 4×4

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Member of the defunct hiplife group Buk Bak and co-founder of the group 4X4, Bright Bling Sparkles is beseeching his protégés to trash their differences.

Bright who calls himself, ‘Father of 4×4’ believes the group is going through phases. He is optimistic the group is still intact.

He told MzGee on Hitz FM’s entertainment news Hitz@1 that Buk-Bak discovered Captain Planet and Coded (then Abortion) individually, merged them and called them 4×4.

Initially, it became an extension of Buk Bak back in the day, he said.

“There will be ego clashes when we don’t necessarily agree on certain things. There is definitely going to be heated arguments along the line when we don’t agree on certain things but trust me it is based on mutual respect.

“As artistes we have to trash out their differences if there are any differences,” he stressed.

According to him, he will support them individually regardless of whatever angle they decide to go with their music, but urged that they remember to be more brotherly than enemies.

“I will not bash them for deciding to go their separate ways or trying to do solo projects because I went through that experience,” he said.

Buk Bak went through a similar phase as Bright Bling and the late Ronny Coaches abandoned their group and went solo. Their solo movement made little impact until their successful reunion that birthed the ‘Kolom’ hit track in 2011.

Bright who also touched on the transitions music group Wutah endured years ago, calls on Ghanaians to desist from fuelling the seeming feud between Coded and Captain Planet.

“Sometimes the things people say will fuel issues further. People are feeding off negative energy and that will generate negativity in their work and that will cause them not to be focused,” he said.






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