Bloggers Cannot Extort Money From Me – Lydia Forson

Bloggers Cannot Extort Money From Me – Lydia Forson

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Celebrated Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson says she will never fall for the trick most bloggers have adopted to extort money from celebrities.

According to a recent tweet, bloggers who deliberately write derogatory stories about celebrities to force them into paying them huge sums of money to rectify the damage caused by their stories and to stop writing them entirely will not get a pesewa from her.

There has been several stories of celebrities published without verification from them. Many of such stories have brought these celebrities to shame.

The big beautiful actress in a tweet to her 314,000 followers wrote;

“There’s a growing trend amongst some bloggers who deliberately write the most disparaging things about some celebrities… all in the hopes that they reach out and offer “soli” to make them to stop. As for me, you won’t get tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii“






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