Bright of Buk Bak and Promzy of VIP confirm new group, B.P

Bright of Buk Bak and Promzy of VIP confirm new group, B.P

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Bright, the only surviving member of hiplife music group, Buk Bak has teamed up with Promzy, former member of VIP to form a new group.

The two confirmed the formation of the group in an exclusive interview with Hitz @ 1from their base in the United States.

Promzy posted a picture of himself, Bright and the late Ronnie Coaches on June 1 to celebrate the birthday of the later.

Portions of the caption read, “B.P. can’t start this journey without asking him for his blessings… we love you coaches and your legacy will continue to reign as long as b.p exist. we started this together and we shall finish this on your behalf’ r.i.p ronny…promzyafrika. ..kuraaaaaa. .?#?b..p 4lyfe” The post sparked speculations about a possible union between the two.

Bright told Hitz FM that, “This is the most beautiful union ever. Because my brother and I, have had this chemistry from way back. As you know VIP and Buk Bak, we were more like brothers back in the day…”

He added that they believe the time is right for them to join forces to do music and continue what was started with Ronnie Coaches.

Promzy, on the other hand, debunked rumours that his union with Bright is to compete with his former group members, VIP, now VVIP.

He said, “Oh naa. We’re not here to compete with anybody, we’re just here to deliver the people. You are your own self-competition.”

“My brother and I when we wake up here, I mean whatever we’re doing, where our mind and where our vision is, what we are thinking of, come on men, VVIP is the least we should even think about,” he added.

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