Cabum drops “Me” music video

Cabum drops “Me” music video

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OM Studio’s rap artiste, Cabum, is not ending the year 2016 without giving his cherished ‘Chedeshie

Empire’ fan army a gift to celebrate the Christmas and New Year festivities with.

He hopped on his own Hip-hop beat and delivered a spurring slow-tempo masterpiece titled “Me”.

In “Me”, Cabum expresses his sentiments over the competition in the industry and insists that he is

doing ‘him’. He emphasises why he is not winning accolades even though he has been in the show

business for a long time.

In the end of the song, he gave his loyal fans and crew members special shout outs.

“Me” was accompanied by a black and white motion pictures directed by Kenn Ayiah.

Enjoy the video below.





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