Captain Planet; The Quiet Leader Of  Greatness

Captain Planet; The Quiet Leader Of Greatness

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After dropping ''No New Friends'', Captain Planet is back into the spotlight with new

song called ''Very Good Bad Girl ‘‘, apparently these two songs are just appetizers.

Released few days ago and currently enjoying an appreciable level of rotations on radio

within the nation’s capital and beyond, leader of one of Ghana's most fashionable and

unstoppable music group 4×4 has teamed up with Sarkodie for his new single dubbed

''Very Good Bad Girl''.

Produced by fast rising sound engineer MOGBeats ,best known for producing  critically

acclaimed hit single “Rich Nigga Shit” and “Far So Hor” ,the song has already been

tipped as a Christmas hit.

The song, which talks about the kind of girl every guy gets freaked out about is currently

the most trending song in Ghana .With the song’s viral acceptance, we’ve seen social

media lovers and fans sharing videos jamming to the tune.

Listening to the song, one thing which is very obvious is the vocal dexterity and lyrical

prowess of the multi-talented rapper as he exhibited his versatility with Sarkodie, who

brings his shine to the song; a fusion of rap and a little bit of ragga at the end.

Born Jeff Sylvanus Dodji, Captain Planet is arguably acclaimed to be the first rapper to

fluently rap in Akuapem Twi. He also raps in Ga, Ewe, and Pidgin English. Together

with Coded, they released their first studio album, Sikilitele, in 2003.

They followed it with Contestant Number 1 in 2007. That album is widely acclaimed to

have introduced crunk music onto the Ghanaian Music scene. Captain Planet cemented

his place as one of the best rappers in Ghana.

Speaking to,the rapper disclosed that he's not only working on a new

project but also teaming up with other musicians ; “i have more songs and videos

coming up and 2017 promises to be a very good one for me'' he said.

The C.E.O of Fashion Planet where most celebrities troop in and out each day to get

what’s trending in the fashion world is one of the down to earth celebrities in Africa as

he is seen responding to his fans everyday on social. He is not the outing type and also

doesn’t drink or smoke despite the fact that he has lots of tattoos on him.

Enjoy the tune from Captain Planet. Sit back and enjoy. Dance to the beat!





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