Choirmaster ‘disses’ Praye group in new song

Choirmaster ‘disses’ Praye group in new song

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A day after telling Citi Showbiz that he wishes to see the Praye group together again, Choirmaster has released a song titled ‘Donkey.’

In the song the former Praye member is heard calling out the two Praye members, stressing that he will not get back to the group to do all the ‘donkey’ work for them.

He says just when he wanted to return to the group to make things better, they are going about spewing garbage about him.

He also says in the song that, he is waiting for a reply from the duo if they really have what it takes to do good music.

Recently, the group and Choirmaster have been throwing missiles at each other on social media. While Praye has called Choirmaster ‘fake,’ the latter has also said his former group members are the reason he is not shining.

However, Choirmaster has expressed his interest in seeing to the comeback of the group this year.

“I’d really want to solve this issue before this year ends. I want to see Praye united although I will still be doing my solo projects. That is what I was working by posting something on 1st January, which was misconstrued by them,” he told Citi Showbiz yesterday.

Meanwhile, some have said this could be a stunt by both parties to prepare the grounds for a re-union.

Listen to ‘Donkey’ by Choirmaster below:






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