Comedy Express Sets Record At Cockpit Lounge With A Heavy Overflow Last Saturday.

Comedy Express Sets Record At Cockpit Lounge With A Heavy Overflow Last Saturday.

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It was a fun and exciting evening, filled with hilarious rib cracking jokes that
would tickle you for a life time. Comedy Express was the place to be last Saturday and
once again it has made another staggering record. The venue, Cockpit Bar and Lounge
saw a mammoth crowd troop in to enjoy their fair share of GhComedy.
It was a wonderful sight to behold as a large number of people were seen
standing to catch and enjoy the comedians perform. The Lounge was filled to capacity
to the extent that, the reserved seat for VIPs and VVIPs were also filled that some
patrons holding these tickets, had to also stand. Reserved chairs were also filled. Could
the heavy patronage on Saturday mean, Ghanaians have come to accept GhComedy?
Derick Kobina Bonney, known by many as DKB, was overwhelmed by the
number of people that turned up for the event. Speaking to him, the comedian spoke
about how humble he was upon seeing such a large number appear for monthly
comedy show and emphasized that GhComedy has come to stay.
"I was overwhelmed by the turn out, I wasn't expecting such a huge turnout. The
place was filled to the capacity that people had no option that to stand and enjoy the
show. TVs which were installed for VIP ticket bearers had to be the solution for those
who were standing to enjoy the show as Almost half the size were also outside waiting
to get in.
The comedians on the night did extremely well, they were excellent and I am
proud of them. After what happened on Saturday, I am fully convinced that Ghanaians
have come to accept us [Comedians], and we are not going to let them down." He said.
On the night, there were amazing gift prizes to be giving out to patrons of the
show. A TV was won by a campus promoter and a brand new mobile phone was won
by a lady. There were also free betting vouchers which were won by a footballer who
was in the audience. All these items were presented by Soccabet. 2 lucky Fans who
laughed the hardest during the event were also giving a bottle perfume from UDY
There were performances from Comedian OB, Lekzy DeComic, MJ The
Comedian, Ajeezay, Comedian Waris, Sportoo, Percy and Putogo. Each of these
comedians had an excellent night and I am sure they'd gradually be household names.
Catch the next show on December 1, 2018. You can also watch the Comedy
Express show on Youtube channel (Comedy Express Ghana)

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