DKB outlines 5 steps to succeed in comedy

DKB outlines 5 steps to succeed in comedy

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He is by far the Best stand up comedian in Ghana, starting from a very humble beginning BKB began his comedy career on the campus of university of Ghana Legon.

Upon recommendations after several performances in comedy bars DKB gets the opportunity to feature in comedy program on TV “laugh a minute” Which aired on Viasat 1.

On the platform DKB exhibited his capabilities and as a result won a lot of hearts. The comedian has been a strong advocate of Ghanaian comedy and has also played a significant role in the industry which was formally dominated by Nigerians. He continues to fight anything anti Ghanaian comedy and support new talents.

Over the years he has also proven himself to be one of the finest MCs in the country. DKB with talent and charisma on stage has saved a lot of events which were at the verge of flopping.

DKB as a comedian has delivered flawless performances on Several platforms like Lord of the Ribs, Nite of  1018 Laughs, Togo unplugged 2015 to mention but a few. He has given funny twists to serious issues in the country, releasing tension in the end.

In 2014 he Put Ghana on the map by representing The nation in Africa’s biggest reality shows ‘Big Brother Africa’

Though he read Agriculture in the university he has chosen to lay that to rest while me makes money off his career.

Now here are a few tips he shared on how to successfully launch your comedy career.

Discover your talent

DKB explained that first off you need talent to start your career, for without talent one cannot even start talking in the first place. Often time’s people without talent tend to pursue what they are not gifted in and then they end up with very abysmal performances and also encouraging careers. So first of all its key to know you have the comedy talent.

Now how to detect the comedy talent is that, in an unsuspecting situation you could say just a word and everybody is on the floor rolling.

And in a very tension packed moment you have your way of making things light and also making people feel a little less tensed up or nervous.

So if you discover these capabilities in you then you should know that you have the talent for comedy.

Fall on God

After you have discovered your talent you need to draw closer to the Creator, without Him we are nothing. Surely God is sovereign so if you believe in his son Jesus Christ, you are on the right path to success. Keep praying to Him, He will give you direction, show you the right people to meet, He will show you your friends and foes and also protect you from spiritual attacks.

Create your own jokes

As a standup comedian it’s very essential to create your own jokes. And to create your jokes you need to find ways to make very popular issues funny in your own way, that is how you create.

And also you can resort to watching very good comedians perform and adopt how they create their jokes to inspire you mold your own jokes. So finding funny situations in very serious situations is the blue chip to creating your own jokes.

Rehearse Your Jokes 

After you have successfully created your jokes you need to own the them. And by owning the jokes you have created it’s important you rehearse them over and over again till you can perform them off head with confidence in front of a crowd.

At the end of the day practice makes perfect.

Perform and network

It’s not enough to go through the above steps and end it there. There is the need to scout for comedy bars and perform your jokes to the crown over time. In so doing you build your stage craft, confidence and charisma.

As you keep performing at comedy bars it’s also important that you exchange contacts, connect or network with likeminded people who share in your dream.

By Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey





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