Don’t Be Pressured By What You See On Social Media, It’s All Hype – John Dumelo To Returnees

Don’t Be Pressured By What You See On Social Media, It’s All Hype – John Dumelo To Returnees

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Actor cum Politician, John Dumelo, has thrown caution to Ghanaians abroad not to live life according to what they see on social media for their own good.

John Dumelo warned that spending too much time on social media and believing everything one sees on the various platforms can be harmful.

In order to be seen as trendy and having it all, many Ghanaians who visit the motherland usually for vacations and festive seasons tend to misuse their monies on things that are unnecessary.

For instance, paying double the price of everything, buying from expensive restaurants, bars, etc 

“Don’t be pressured by what you see on social media. It’s all hype. If you can afford Air Maroc to Gh cos it’s cheap, then get it. If U can’t afford business class, get economy. Don’t stress trying to impress!” The aspiring NDC MP stated.

According to him, some of the things exhibited on social media in bid to look ‘perfect’ are unreal. He advised that the resources should be invested in something profitable rather that temporal pleasure.

Giving some tips on how to escape from social media pressure he took to his Snapchat handle stating that:

“This is to all those who are coming in dec. what you can afford is what you can afford. Don’t go broke trying to impress. Take your economy class like that. Food is almost same as business class. It’s only the cheese that’s different”.

“Business class is $2000 more expensive than economy. We we all arrive same day, same time, our bags will come out same time. Just make sure you choose window seat in economy so you can tilt your head and sleep.”

“And when you come to Gh too, don’t go buying bottles etc. Rose is 900gh, kpokeke is 9gh. But we will all get drunk same tine and vomit, Be wise wai.”

“There’ll be good days and bad days. Sad days and happy days. There are some days where you’ll feel like you can achieve so much while other days make you feel completely useless. But never fort that God’s got your back.”






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