Don’t Date For Too Long – MzVee

Don’t Date For Too Long – MzVee

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Lynx Entertainment signee, MzVee, says she does not believe it is a good thing for a couple to date for too long before getting married.

MzVee, who was a guest on Chris’ Challenge, a fitness show on UTV said, “people date for four years and all, why, what do you want to study?

“See, the truth is that you cannot know anyone fully, people grow as time goes on. They evolve and they get to learn new things every day so why waste someone’s time all in the name of ‘I’m studying you’,” she said.

When asked what her ideal duration for dating should be, MzVee said, “I know some school of thought says at least the longest you can date is 18 months but the truth still remains, there is no point in dating for too long.”

Speaking on why she encouraged guys to see the mothers of their partners to ask for their hand in marriage instead of the fathers on her song, Come And See My Moda, she said, “you see the trick is that when you see the mother and the mother likes you, that is it. Mothers have a way of massaging our fathers to accept what is unacceptable.”

MzVee hit the limelight in 2012 as part of girl band, D3, managed by Lynx Entertainment. She began her solo career shortly after the group split up still under Lynx.

She has released a number of hit songs including Borkor Borkor, Natural Girl, Rewind, Sing My Name, Hold Me Down, DaaVi among others.

MzVee, who has been in the industry for almost a decade, says she has grown as a person in the industry and music has given her another perspective about life.






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