Don’t Flaunt Partner On Social Media – Efia Odo

Don’t Flaunt Partner On Social Media – Efia Odo

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It is said that it’s only a fool who does not learn from his or her mistakes. So it is in order that actress, Efia Odo has now resolved not to flaunt her next relationship on social media like she did with her ex boyfriend, Kwaku Revloe after her bad experience.

Efia, who is now a presenter on Okay FM hosting the show, Me and You on Fridays, said the only time she will show off her significant other is when the guy puts a ring on it and asked her listeners to take a cue from her experience. 

“You people should learn from me, please do not flaunt your partner on social media until you are married to him or her. I am not saying social media is not good but play it safe.

“The thing is that, when you put your things on social media it goes all out so if something goes wrong you cannot go back to withdraw it because it is already out there, you cannot change the story,” she said.

Efia continued, “I also learnt that this part of the world is different from elsewhere, we are in Ghana not in America so some things do not work here. For me, I have learnt my lesson so you should take it from me.”

In a previous interview with Showbiz, Efia Odo said no one can take her man away. 

“I am not bothered at all, they should come for him. We have a God factor, how can someone take what God has given me? Such people should get a life and stop poking their noses into my affairs. He is a responsible guy and lives a low key life so where are they going to find him?” she questioned.

Throughout the interview, Efia Odo, who could not hide how smitten she was with Rev said, “I am so in love I must say. I was not looking for love, I did not go searching, it came to me.”

Unfortunately, barely three months after this interview the relationship crashed with rumours claiming Rev dumped Efia because she was a social media freak and was constantly put their dealings in public, something he was not in favour of.






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