Don’t Push Me Else We’ll Make Kurselves Dirty – Kweku Reveloe Warns Efia Odo To Shut Up

Don’t Push Me Else We’ll Make Kurselves Dirty – Kweku Reveloe Warns Efia Odo To Shut Up

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It appears the developing enmity between Efia Odo and Kweku Reveloe will be an interesting one as far as each party is not willing to let sleeping dogs lie.

It all started when Efia Odo took to Twitter yesterday to announce that her amorous relationship with Kweku Reveloe has fallen apart as a result of many factors.

In her posts, Efia Odo painted a picture that made Reveloe looked like the causative agent of their breakup and that he only used and dumped her after tasting the sweetness or whatsoever of her Vjayjay.
According to Efia Odo, their relationship came to an abrupt end two months ago just that she couldn’t gather the momentum to make her fans privy to the unfortunate incident.

All this while, kweku Reveloe was silent about the accusations leveled up against him following his breakup with Efia but finally, the worm has tuned.

Kweku Reveloe has taken to his Snapchat account to clap back accordingly. According to Reveloe, he doesn’t give a hoot about all the lies and deceit that Efia Odo is spewing out.

In the rightful thinking of Reveloe, he’s a businessman and Efi Odo is a media personality, therefore, if any shameful stuff pops up from his camp perhaps s3kx tape, it’ll go a long way to tarnish her reputation and not him.

More importantly, he added that he’s not a coward but a real man just that he wants to remain silent as a form of showing respect to Efia Odo don’t forget he has recognised the status of his ex-lover, Efia Odo.






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