Elumelu  Speaks on Africapitalism to youths at Ghana’s leading institution

Elumelu Speaks on Africapitalism to youths at Ghana’s leading institution

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Tony Elumelu visited Ghana as the first stop of his tour of Africa propagating the ideal of Africapitalism.  In continuation of his strategic vision of engineering a robust economic and business relationship across the continent through Africapitalism as a necessary tool for the socio economic development of Africa,   the Group Chairman UBA Plc, and Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, spoke at the prestigious Legon University in Accra before hundreds of Ghanaian youths, academics and entrepreneurs.
The serial entrepreneur who at the young age of 34, became the Managing Director of one of Nigeria’s top banks(Standard Trust Bank), reiterated the usefulness of preparedness. He expunged on the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur.  ‘The first is dedication,  then vison, focus, ambition, and our ability to do things when we want to do them. We must always remain laser focused and aim to execute to perfection’ Elumelu said.
These are some of the qualities that enabled Elumelu lead one of the biggest mergers in Nigeria’s history to date. Today, UBA is amongst the top 3 banks in the country and rapidly growing in Africa.  According to Elumelu, ‘I saw us grow a bank from 5 branches to 1000 branches with presence in 19 African countries and in Paris, London and New York. The lesson here is start small, have a purpose, be disciplined, think long term’
He went on further to stress  that entrepreneurship and not philanthropy, is key to achieving poverty reduction and empowering Africans to solve our challenges without dependence on aid from western countries.
In his words, “No one but us is going to develop Africa”. Speaking further he said “The development of Africa is up to Africans. Donors and partners can help, but the work of developing our nations is ours. One of the key benefits of Africapitalism, is reflected in the achievements of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme which is an example of how Africans can solve their own problems via entrepreneurship.
The goal of the yearly programme is to invest $100 million over the next 10 years to identify, train, mentor and seed 10,000 African businesses with a view to creating one million new jobs and $10 billion in additional revenue for the continent by democratising and institutionalising luck. “Only in Africa is our story even possible” the UBA Chairman concluded.
Earlier during the working visit, on Monday, Tony Elumelu met with the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo where they held fruitful discussions on matters of mutual benefit as well as deliberated on issues geared towards the growth and development of Finance and entrepreneurship in Ghana.
Of the meeting, Elumelu stated “I am delighted to be on this historic visit to Ghana which has been a shining light of UBA’s business across Africa. It was a great opportunity to meet with and congratulate the newly elected president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo and to extend our readiness to partner with his administration in the rapid development of Ghana and Africa at large. It has was also an honour to meet with young and vibrant Students and share my Vision of Africapitalism”.
""Two of Angola’s Tatiana, Zimbabwe’s Munya, Bontswana’s Kaone and Nigeria’s Uti must leave the M-Net Big Brother All Stars House this week after being put up for eviction on Monday. Big Brother shocked the Housemates with the news that two of them would be leaving this week after a tense day of nominations.Once all the nominations were in, it was an all-male lineup of Uti, Munya, Kaone and Mwisho. Head of House Mwisho was summoned to the Diary Room to make his Save & Replace decision and although he declared that he would be saving himself, he took some time to make a decision on who to put up for eviction in his place. He eventually settled on Tatiana, who only rejoined the House on Sunday night from the Barn after a viewer vote.

Earlier in the day, Uti was first up in the Diary Room and didn’t look surprised when told it was time to start nominations. He named Kaone as his first choice, because he felt he couldn’t nominate any of the new arrivals. “It’s just like the beginning again,” he said. He then named Munya as his second choice, deciding not to nominate Mwisho as he would probably save himself anyway.

Tatiana named Munya and Kaone as her nominees for eviction, after a engthy pause for thought. She said of her reasoning for nominating Kaone: “I don’t care about what he said about me, but I do not think it was nice or fun. That’s why”. Her reason for nominating Munya was very simple – she hadn’t nominated the Zimbabwean before. Sheila nominated Kaone because she finds him irritating. “We watched him on the Barn television and he is cuckoo,” she told Big Brother. She then nominated Mwisho because he would probably save himself.

In his Nomination Session, Mwisho told Big Brother that he would not noinate Uti, but could nominate the other guys. He decided to nominate Kaone and Munya, saying “they are guys, no other reason really”. Munya took a different stance, happily nominating Uti – and then Mwisho. “Its time for me to go back to the plan. I was going to nominate them either way because it would have been either them or me walking out even before the girls came,” he said. He also reminded Big Brother that he had never nominated Kaone.

Kaone closed off the nominations by naming Uti and “his lady” Sheila. When nominating Uti, Kaone mentioned how “very hard” it is to trust the Nigerian. He nominated Sheila because he felt that they do not connect, especially since the ladies have returned to the House

Lerato was not allowed to make any nominations as punishment for her role in the fight with Hannington.

Meanwhile, two Ghanaian viewers won prizes last weekend just for voting for which barn mates they would like to see go back into the house.  The winners were Ifeoluwa Afolayan who won $1000 and Yvonne Goa who won a Nokia 2690 Handset.  So keep on voting and you could be a winner.

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