Emelia Brobbey Discloses How Much She Charges For Movie Roles

Emelia Brobbey Discloses How Much She Charges For Movie Roles

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Actress Emelia Brobbey has revealed she charges between GHC 3000 and 3,500 for movie roles, stressing that the amount is moderate.

Although she was reluctant in disclosing how much she takes before accepting a script and appearing on set, the actress in an interview with Joy Prime gave a range saying, “I charge between maybe GHC3,000 and 3,500.”

According to her, she considers the script and the cast before quoting a figure.

Emelia Brobbey recently ventured into music and has two songs to her credit.

Her debut, ‘Fa Meko’, courted controversy as netizens on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms mocked her.

The trolls were so intense that several Ghanaians specifically asked the renowned actress to stick to what she does best and stop humiliating herself by adding another profession to her career.

She was however defended by a section of the public, including legendary music producer Fredyma who argued that Emelia Brobbey’s ‘Fa Me Ko’ is not as terrible as some are suggesting.

“She might not be one of the gifted singers on the continent but I can confidently say with all my 36 years in the music industry as a professional sound engineer and over my 50+ years on this planet that, she tried her best,” he said.

“One of the ingredients one uses to measure one’s song is the 3T’s of music that is, timing, tuning and tempo! Did she have all these applied in her song? I say ‘yes’ she did. She never went off key, timing was good and tempo excellent.

“We can criticize her vocal delivery on the song. It lacked dynamics and was raw. The instrumentation and the arrangements is a two chord progression song of the doh and fah chords. It could have been better with the arrangements moving to other progressions,” Fredyma added.

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