Film Industry to Sink ahead of 2016 Election – FIPAG

Film Industry to Sink ahead of 2016 Election – FIPAG

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The General Secretary of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) Mr. James Aboagye says the film industry is likely to hit a rock as the country is heading to an election year.

According to him,: “Films will certainly get affected because elections will be every individual’s priority. The people’s focus shifts towards politics.”

With Election Campaign for the 7th December 2016 set to begin January next year and the process ending on January 7th 2017 with the declaration of results and swearing in ceremony, the big question is: Will it affect the over thousand film business? The likes of James Aboagye and other filmmakers foresee it happening.

Film Director cum Producer James Aboagye, who revealed this on Luv Fm Private Party hosted by David Akwetei stated that:

“Of course, elections will affect everything.The whole nation’s attention is on the elections. Every Ghanaian is concerned about what is happening and what is not happening.

Everyone, including me, is interested in socio-political topics right now, so any other topic will not interest us at least till the elections are over,” he added.

Directors James as he is commonly called told Luv fm that “I have experienced this myself. When my film was released, elections were on and my film faced a huge problem in some corners.

He noted that, promotional activities on news channels like Radio stations and TV stations could bear the brunt of the elections.

The FIPAG Scribe agreed that the promotion of films on news channels will be rough.

“The entertainment channels will continue to promote films but the viewership will shift towards political news” , he added.

James Aboagye further stated that, the current energy crisis facing the country is still affecting the movie industry.





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