Funny Face’s Stay In Psychiatric Hospital Extended

Funny Face’s Stay In Psychiatric Hospital Extended

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The Ofankor Circuit Court presided by Ebenezer Osei Darko has heeded the plea of Funny Face’s doctor to increase the number of days his client should spend in the psychiatric hospital.

During the first hearing, the actor was confined in the Accra psychiatric hospital for two weeks adding that Funny Face may be having a mental crisis and possibly going through depression.

But in a new twist, the prosecutor during a second court hearing on March 1, 2021, said Funny Face’s doctor had formally written to the police for extended days to enable his client have more rest.

Explaining Funny Face’s absence in court, the doctor said that the actor is unwell and as such has difficulty in articulating his thoughts among others.

The case has however been adjourned to April 1, 2021.

Funny Face was arraigned before the court on Monday, February 15, 2021, after he was arrested for the second time by the Millennium Police and kept in the police cells.

Prior to this development, many suspected that Funny Face is battling some form of mental depression following his misconduct and constant rants on social media.

Vanessa’s visit to Funny Face

The comedian reconciled with his baby mama (Vanessa) and three daughters while in the hospital.

Vanessa said, in an earlier interview with AngelFM, that after seeing Funny Face at the Psychiatric Hospital, she felt the need to forgive him, forget the past and start all over with him.

She also expressed the importance of fixing her relationship with Funny Face so their children can continue to share a bond with their father.






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