GB Interactive’s Untamed Energy Concert “Shatta Wale Live In Tema” Postponed.

GB Interactive’s Untamed Energy Concert “Shatta Wale Live In Tema” Postponed.

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The George Britton Interactive (GB) team as part of its fifth year anniversary
commemoration launched a stern campaign on drug abuse with music as the front-
runner knowing very well the impact music can make in changing the attitudes of our
youth, the decision to embark on this campaign came at the back of a news report that
predicted that “about 70% of the youth in Ghana are at the risk of engaging in drug
abuse for divers reasons”.
The month long campaign which included media tours, celebrity talks on drug abuse –
how to seek help and where to get help was scheduled for end of November with a
grand event on the 25 th of November 2017 which was to be headlined by shatta wale at
the Tema sports stadium has been postponed. This decision was arrived at by the team
in a meeting due to the technicalities the team needed to deal with. Speaking to the PR
team they noted “you see it as a setback, we see it as an opportunity to make ample
time to drive this campaign to get the desired results and to also get onboard more
partners to execute the task ahead, this our heartbeat and we at George Britton will do
everything possible to make it a reality”.
Notwithstanding November been a month packed with events and activities, this
initiative has received great love and support from industry players and corporate
Ghana and for this reason the entire GB team appreciates all your efforts, we do
apologies for any inconvenient caused.
We hereby ask you to stay with us as we prepare to release a new date and line of
activities which promises to be more exciting and bigger in the coming days.





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