Ghana Meets Naija saga: Rockstone produces proof

Ghana Meets Naija saga: Rockstone produces proof

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On May 11, 2016, it was reported that Reggie Rockstone known as Hiplife Grandpapa revealed on the Zone hosted by Naa Ashorkor on Starr FM, that he’s the person behind the idea of Ghana Meets Naija musical concert.

He revealed, albeit jokingly, that the Ghana meets Naija concept was first mooted by him and not the founder of Empire Entertainment, Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray.

“I invented that you know… I was the first to bring that [idea] up… as to whether great minds think alike or Bola Ray stole my idea I don’t know… but it’s the truth,” Rockstone said.

This statement which was said candidly by the Grandpapa seemed to have roughed up some folks in the industry who have blindly taken him on, not knowing the real facts that led to the birth of the annual event.

In an exclusive interview with, Reggie Rockstone described what he said as a joke that has some element of truth which his critics have jumped on to discredit his works.

In a 4-minutes-twenty-three seconds video uploaded on to Youtube dated as far back as Aug 4, 2010, the Grandpapa, now a member of award-winning group, VVIP, is clearly heard saying;

“Ghana is on the map, I respect Nigeria music, I have a serious feeling that if we met one on one… Ghana versus Nigeria rap show. Let’s do that show… It will sell,”

His declaration was made on the Kasahare X show on Accra-based XFM now XLive Africa hosted by Dr. Duncan in the presence of Sarkodie, who was in the studio in his upcoming young days.

Reggie Rockstone has survived many controversies – who is the HIPLIFE Grandpapa where he proved them wrong with proof, then again proved himself with the moonwalk controversy. Soon after that he was accused of sacking Promzy from the then VIP which Promzy later gave proof to exonerate him and recently the Adidas-Shatta-shout-out- which also fell flat.

According to Reggie, As to whether great minds think alike or someone heard me and moved on it, we will never know! That is not a problem but I did not just speak what I spoke jokingly because I am a joker! I actually did speak those words before it became!

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