Ghanaian Movies Are Better – Diabolo Refutes Gabby’s ‘Substandard’ Comment

Ghanaian Movies Are Better – Diabolo Refutes Gabby’s ‘Substandard’ Comment

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Executive Member of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Bob Smith Junior a.k.a Diabolo man has refuted claims by Mr. Gabby Asare Ochere Darko that movies produced in Ghana are of substandard.

According to him, since Gabby is a professional lawyer, he might not be in the best position to competently analyze and correctly criticize a movie. Again he may not be able to efficiently sample movie to criticize.

Diabolo further made it clear that Mr. Gabby Ochere Darko may also select movies which are not of genre of films to his interest hence the tendency to discredit works of local movie producers.

Mr. Gabby Ochere Darko in the past week said he watched 10 Ghanaian movies saying he was disappointed in the kind of films producers in the country make.

But responding to this, Diabolo stated that, “We all know you are a lawyer, therefore, you are better in law and not in movies.

He continued that, “one thing we must note is that, in movies we have something known as genre. We have movies of many different genres. Everyone has a kind of movie genre he/she likes so maybe he (Gabby) didn’t get his kind of movie that is why he made such comment”.






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