Glam Africa Magazine Release Exclusive Video Interview With The Kupe Boys

Glam Africa Magazine Release Exclusive Video Interview With The Kupe Boys

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After releasing the amazing shots from their cover shoot on Valentine’s Day, Glam Africa Magazine bring you a juicy video from their Lifestyle Corner chit chat interview with the Kupe Boys.

In this exclusive interview the four French guys describe their perfect women who always wears heels…so ladies take note!

The lifestyle magazine also found out each one of their pet peeves and what would put them off a woman, especially a lady who isn’t funny – what do you think, is it important for a woman to make a man laugh? Watch Glam Africa Magazine’s interview and comment to let us know your thoughts.

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Watch the behind the scenes video on Glam Africa Mag’s Youtube channel now.

Interviewer: Mika Abraham

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INTERVIEWER: Mika Abraham (@mika_abraham)

STYLIST: Ihunna Eberendu (@ihunamata)

GROOMER: Tracy Grabs (@tray_grabs)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Arron Dunworth (@arrondunworth)

OFFICIAL PAGES: @habituetoi @teddy.ovo @jimseuh @yo4real


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KUPE BOYS:  @habituetoi @teddy.ovo @jimseuh @yo4real

INTERVIEWER: @mika_abraham

STYLIST: @ihunamata

GROOMER: @tray_grabs

PHOTOGRAPHER: @arrondunworth





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