#GMB2019: Contestants ‘Play’ With Proverbs & Appellations

#GMB2019: Contestants ‘Play’ With Proverbs & Appellations

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Sunday’s live performance saw contestants appear on stage bearing proverbs and appellations loaded with deep meanings in their local languages.

For their tenth-week performances, all 7 ladies remaining in the competition were expected to come up with stage plays or acts infused with traditional proverbs and appellations peculiar to their respective regions of origin.

First on stage was ‘returnee’ Afia. She made a comeback into the show weeks after being evicted.

Afia, who represents the Ahafo Region, appeared on stage as a poet at a Women’s Conference and used some Akan proverbs and appellations to recite a poem in which she sang praises of her Maker and how special He made and created women.

Volta Region’s Enam was next, as she played the role of a wife accused by her husband of cheating.

With some ‘sweet’ Ewe appellations showered on her husband, Enam was able to calm a man who was close to getting physical with her.

While trying to convince her husband and explain why she would in no way cheat on him, she threw in some proverbs to prove her innocence and crowned it all with a love song to her husband’s delight.

Central Region rep Ekua capitalized on some wise Fante proverbs to advise her deviant son on the repercussions his behavior comes with.

Despite the deep counsel to him, he disrespected her by refusing to get drugs for his ailing father and this caused his death.

While wailing at her husband’s funeral, Ekua recited some appellations to mourn the death of her husband.

From the Northern Region, Zara played the role of a school teacher. She admonished parents to take interest in their children’s behaviour in order not to raise wayward and disrespectful children.

While speaking to a parent of an ill-mannered child on how she ought to pay attention to her child, Zara threw in a few proverbs in her local language to reiterate her points to the parent.

Upper East rep Ayisha mounted the stage as a gong-gong beater, singing the praises of a community leader whose help she said contributed immensely towards development in the area.

With appellations and a few proverbs, Ayisha highlighted some of the interventions by this great leader and how it transformed the community for good.

Another ‘returnee’, Ashanti Region’s Serwaa, also came through with her performance as a single mother advising her teenage daughter against engaging in sexual activities.

With some Akan proverbs of counsel, Serwaa cautioned her daughter to focus on her education in order not to end up dropping out of school and becoming a single mother like herself.

The final contestant to appear on stage, Saah, came in as a queen mother addressing her people at an annual festival durbar.

The Western North Region rep used the opportunity to call on her people to live in harmony and look out for each other, and she did this by incorporating some proverbs in her speech to the people.

For Sunday’s performance, Central Region’s Ekua was adjudged Star Performer.

The ‘Miss Congeniality’ title for the week went to Western North rep, Saah.

Ashanti Region’s Serwaa emerged as contestant with ‘Best Costume’ for the night.

Unfortunately for Ahafo Region’s Afia and Northern Region rep Zara, they could not make it to the finals of this year’s competition.

The two were the last to be evicted from the competition, ushering five contestants: Volta Region’s Enam, Ashanti Region’s Serwaa, Western North rep, Saah, Upper East Region rep, Ayisha and Central Region’s Ekua into the finals.

The five will battle it out come November 10, 2019 at the National Theatre for the coveted crown, car and cash.

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