How Kwesi Arthur’s Shyness, Failure To Approach A Girl Gave Him A Big Hit

How Kwesi Arthur’s Shyness, Failure To Approach A Girl Gave Him A Big Hit

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Being an introvert isn’t new but turning that weakness into a blessing is what hip-hop performer Kwesi Arthur has done.

The BET Award nominee has said, on several occasions, that he is an introvert but never did he know that it was a blessing in disguise to his music career.

In his latest interview with the BBC, Kwesi Arthur has revealed that his failure to approach a beautiful girl due to shyness brought out his creativity – which led him to write his 2018 monster hit, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” featuring KiDi.

“Most of the songs I do are actually stories – stories I have been through or I have witnessed people going through,” Kwesi Arthur tells BBC about how he selects his song themes. “’Grind Day,’ for instance, talks about people working every day. I actually meet people who confess to me they are inspired by my songs.”

“I can express myself in whatever way I want on a song. I remember I used to like this girl but I couldn’t tell it to her face so I put it on a song. And they [his friends] were like ‘chale, just tell the girl’…but I always tell it on a song,” he narrated how his shyness turned a big hit in Ghana.

He further revealed that the lady in question heard about the story behind the song but he denied it. “She heard it but I denied it,” he giggles.

Kwesi Arthur also said limited resources in the country is killing a lot of dreams. He stated that his father once got fed up after he repeatedly asked for funds to pursue his music dreams.

The rap virtuoso is preparing to release his “Live From Nkrumah Krom II” album. He recently released “One Stone” music video off of the album but is yet to announce the album release date.

Watch his full interview below.






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