HUAWEI Y9 Finally Unveiled In Ghana

HUAWEI Y9 Finally Unveiled In Ghana

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The long anticipated Huawei Y9 unveiling finally took place last Thursday inside Tang Palace, Accra.

The event saw special recognitions given out to sales agents and popular phone shops recognized for their good works as well as being excellent clients to huawei over the years.

Popular comedian DKB steered affairs on the day as fast rising singer six strings gave us some soothing music which suited the event perfectly.

Speaking at the Huawei Y9 Ghana launch was Marketing Manager for Huawei Ghana, Dennis Fixon Laryea, who took us through the functions of the device;

The device comes in 3 colors we have the midnight black masculine for the men and then we have the sapphire blue more of you unisex and then we have a limited edition of auroral purple this very one is one of our best colours we have it also in P20 pro of course it’s really selling this is in limited edition it will come into market very very soon.
This device also has been certified eye comfort mode so if you are having eye problem this very feature decreases the blue light in your screen and reduces strain on your eye so that you wouldn’t have problems.
It means that huawei is not only is looking at making money but also looking at your health issues as well.
Also face unlock feature, high definition of DK feature. Information about how the face unlock works one special thing about this very feature is you don’t have to turn your head so much before you can actually unlock your device because it has a 3D touch point it picks your face from every corner everywhere even in the darkest place.
Talk about 4AI cameras I can boast that this device is the first ever in this country to have four AI cameras. What is AI? You say artificial intelligence.
At the rare, we have 30 megapixel camera plus a 2 megapixel and then front we have 16 plus 2 megapixels now this makes up the four AI cameras making this device first in this country to have this feature.
What does the 30 megapixel do it takes the actual shot and a 2-megapixel effect so if you are taking the shot, the 30 takes your picture and the blur ……..2 megapixel to have that photo shoot feel that picture that you don’t have to edit. Take it and post it instantly. Talk of camera when you look at it clearly you realize that despite there was a lot of light coming from and the back shot, the device is able to capture all the light and then seize it at the back so that you the image stands out clearly.
Now talking about Ai:
this is the first ever device again to have a front Ai feature which recognises up to eight scenes. What does this mean?, it means when you are taking a selfie, the phone can tell you whether you are taking a picture of a leaf, a blunt, a snowfo or whatever it is. It recognizes up to eight but don’t forget this feature is available on OTA update so when you get the device on the first update you get this feature on the front camera.
Gesture Photography:
We are giving you a smartphone basically to make your lives matter so you don’t have to struggle to press on the shatter if you want to take a picture. Just place the phone there, with your gesture like a smile or a wave,l in 3 seconds it takes you that perfect shot you want.
AR lens:
This device is equipped with an inbuilt AI augmented reality lens. Most of you love snapchat, yes but Huawei we are telling you that you don’t have to download an external app to enjoy those filters on snapchat, so we are putting it on the camera so that you can have it immediately you want without having to download an external app.
About the red camera:
it recognizes up to twenty two sims, twenty two sims. This is a light flagship device and I can also say on authority that this is the first ever device to have this feature. Before in the previous editions, the device can tell you you’re taking a picture of an animal, but then we said no lets now upgrade and now categorize which animal it is. So now the device can tell you whether it is a cat or a dog or a panda etc etc.
Now talk of wide capture mode :
I believe there a lot of camera gigs hear, people who are very much into camera. If you want a wide capture mode shot, where you stand out, and then your back is perfectly cleared accurately, when you look at the image clearly all the edges are very accurate is not overlapping, it means that you’re wide capture mode is perfect in this very device. This features are normally on high end devices, but this Huawei said let us give u more and still pay less.
So now, with the hand held night mode,:
this very phone was built mainly for photography. So it means that if you want to take a night shot, don’t worry whether there is light or there is no light. During the day this phone has taken a lot of light into its sensors. So at night, this phone now releases those light for you l. In three seconds it will it will optimise the surrounding and give you that perfect shot you need. And so we use this very this phone that picture during the night. I believe that the KOL’s are here and they can testify to the fact that this phone taking Of night shots is the best you can ever have even compared to the so-called high earn devices.
Powerful performance:
This phone comes with a four thousand million spectrum capacity. I have talked about a lot of specs. Now the question is, can my battery hold my day to day activity? yes. We have up to 65 hours of music, nine hours of videos, fifty-two hours of GMS calls and nine hours of serious gaming. The 4000 milians battery capacity can hold you till you are able to get the nearest charging point. Aside that we have the intelligent power saver mode. It means that despite you have 4000 milians you can actually extend it to become more than the 4000 milinans with the help of the power saver mode. This phone now prompts you if there are apps that are taking too much of your battery. This phone tells you that, no close this app or it will naturally close certain apps you don’t need to maintain the battery capacity the way you want it. One exciting thing to is the phone can tell you how long your battery will last so you know how long you are spending in town. So maybe for four hours you know your phone still have ten hours to die, so you are not scared to carry chargers around. The way some people do
Now again, Normally we find carin in our high end but then because we trust and love our loyal customers, we are putting a Huawei Qring 7 10, into this device. This gives you higher performance but low consumption.
It comes with a 4 gigabytes of ram, a 64 gigabyte Of ROM and then you can extend up to 400 gigabytes. You have abundant memory to enjoy all you can do. And how do you do this, we have 2 sim card slot and the a dedicated sd cards slot. It means you have 3 different sim slot for you to enjoy all the things you want to do without having to change sims here and there
Talk of people with eye problems, we mentioned Huawei is also looking at the health issue so we have a simple mode and than the normal mode. So for me that I don’t have an eye problem I can go for the simple mode where I have my icon smaller and then writing smaller. For those who have issue they can go for the other versions that the icons are bigger. So you see that we think of every individual whether young or old
Game Assistant, a lot of people love games. This is not an app this is inbuilt inbuilt in the device once you login into your game the device understand that you want to play game right, so it now optimise issue to give you the game assistant 2.0 to play the game the way you want without breakages.
Talk of games we are looking at an extended GPU capacity. So it means that you have a better graphic display when you are playing your game without breakage. Nothing will freez, everything is just on point, you see it in 3D motion.

After reading that, you will most certainly be tempted into buying the new Huawei Y9 and we cannot blame you! If you do, then no doubt you will want to be able to back it up to your computer. For this, you can’t go wrong with the HiSuite Download. It is a data management tool, which will help you to manage images and videos. This sort of software is a must if you purchase this new Huawei phone.





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