I Am A Minister Of God – Chemphe

I Am A Minister Of God – Chemphe

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He is popularly referred to as Ghana’s R.Kelly. Some even believe that he is the nation’s answer to R&B, but what many do not know is that the Loverboy Chemphe is actually a Minister of God.

The singer whose real name is Henry Agyekum Chemphe revealed this on Sunny FM’s Christian Entertainment review programme on Saturday.

He explained that although he still ministers at church, his reason for doing love songs commercially stems from his rough experience in his family while growing up.

He further refuted the claim that he has veered off the gospel scene because his current style of music has a purpose which is to address issues in society.

“I grew up in a family where I didn’t see much love between my father and my mother and my prayer to God was Father, I want to change my generation. My generation should be able to love each other and this issue of divorce shouldn’t happen, besides, God is love,” he stated.

The ‘No Pampanaa’ hitmaker admitted that some church folks are having troubles accepting him and recalled a time when he mounted the podium to sing at a particular church, only to be welcomed with scorn.

He noted that the reaction from the congregation took him off balance initially, but it did not deter him from singing to his maker as he now heads his church choir. Again, he advised that people should stop being judgmental.

“We should stop judging and rather focus on loving”. Minister Chemphe concluded.


source: Ghanaweb





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