I Am Dating But Keeping It Secret – Yvonne Okoro

I Am Dating But Keeping It Secret – Yvonne Okoro

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Ghanaian star actress, Yvonne Okoro, has revealed that she is currently dating a handsome gentleman. 

Contrary to rumours suggesting that she was single, Okoro said she is not, adding that she was currently seeing someone. She made this revelation on the ‘McBrown Kitchen’ show monitored by YEN.com.gh on Sunday, January 27, 2019. 

She was on the show to cook what is locally known as ‘mpotonpoto’. Okoro, however, refused to name who this man is, stressing that she wanted to keep that a secret for some time. 

Explaining her reasons for the secrecy, the actress said she wants to keep her private life away from the media and public. 

According to her, broadcasting her relationship as she had done in the past has not helped her, and so she had learnt a lesson to “zip her mouth” this time round. 

She noted also that society frowns on and brand women who happen to have had more boyfriends as bad people without even knowing what happens in the relationship which leads to the breakup. “On the other hand, society does not see anything wrong with a man who has more relationships, they are viewed as champions while we (women) are called names so I am zipping my mouth now,” Yvonne sadly said. 

She also made further revelation about her family life, giving her full name as Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro. 

Okoro disclosed that her mother was a trader and enterprenuer. Her father, an Ibo from Nigeria, she said, was a farmer and a real estate developer. Asked how she got herself in the movie industry, Yvonne said it was at the urge of her mother who saw that she had the talent to act. Yvonne further revealed that though her father is a Nigerian, he is married to two Ghanaian women, and they all live happily. 


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