I Am Half Ghanaian, Half ‘Togolean’- Rosemond Brown Goofs

I Am Half Ghanaian, Half ‘Togolean’- Rosemond Brown Goofs

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Wanna be celebrity, Rosemond Brown has exposed her ignorance in her attempt to say she traces her roots from both Togo and Ghana.

The Actress who was asked about her roots in an interview is reported to have said: “I am half Ghanaian, Half Togolean.” (She said Togolean instead of Togolese).

“I was born at Suhum…I attended Suhum Roman, Ofori Payin and Adonten Senior High School,” she revealed.

Noted for always rushing to answer questions and making such silly mistakes, the actress says she does a lot of stupid things to make people laugh out their worries.

In one of her interviews in recent times, she revealed how she acquired a traveling passport three years ago because it is her dream to travel to Nollywood.

According to her, she has neither travelled outside the shores of the country nor made any such attempt but only had to ready herself in anticipation she could land herself a Nollywood or Hollywood movie role.

“I acquired a passport three years ago hoping to travel to Nollywood or Hollywood. I will not be bounced if I apply for a visa because I trust myself as ‘Akwapim Polo’. I want to be popular in Ghana before I hit the international scenes”, she disclosed to Akwasi Aboagye of Peace FM.

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