I Am Not A Pimp – Nhyiraba Kojo Insists

I Am Not A Pimp – Nhyiraba Kojo Insists

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Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Nhyiraba Kojo born Rashid Joseph has disclosed that owning a nightclub does not make him a pimp and people should stop tagging him as such.

The rapper has often been branded as someone who uses his NK City nightclub to pimp slay queens to people who patronize his club.

“Wow I have done a lot of interviews but Amansan Krakye you’re so brilliant. Your line of questioning is not like the normal ones I encounter most at times. A lot of people ask one way questions but you’ve taken me through different angles and I feel that you’re champion.”

“Because I own a nightclub it’s possible some people might think that I pimp slay queens in exchange for good cash from rich men. Definitely, I won’t be surprised because from day I have not allowed any of these accusations to get me bothered or worried,” He disclosed.

He added that he makes his money through hard work: “They’ve said more than that in the past, even when I released my song turnaround which made me acquire my Rav4 vehicle, people said all manner of things. From day one they’ve always tagged me and people continue to ask the source of my wealth.”

“The truth is that it doesn’t bother me at all and by the grace of God none of those accusations will ever come to pass. I’m not like that and besides I really have the fear of God in me so I would never use unscrupulous means to make money,” he revealed on Kastle Entertainment Show.

“I will never share blood or do anything unworthy just to make money after all where are we taking this world to? Most people who are close to me know that I’m a hardworking guy so God has given me wisdom and knowledge to be able to work for money. But to God be the glory because it’s only God who knows that I use genuine means to get my money,” he concluded.

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