I Deserved To be In Prison- Lord Kenya Confesses+ more

I Deserved To be In Prison- Lord Kenya Confesses+ more

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Superstar rapper turned Evangelist Lord Kenya says he deserved to be in prison for crimes he committed during his days as a rap artist.
“But for His grace, I should have been there. I deserved to be there. 100 per cent,” Kenya confessed while contributing to Joy FM’s entertainment show, Rhythmz A-Z.
The show hosted by Mamavi delved into the use of drugs by artists in the entertainment industry.
The discussion was sparked by the arrest and prosecution of Kwaw Kesse on charges of smoking substances suspected to be marijuana.
Lord Kenya said he was introduced to the recreational drugs by a friend and for 13 years he became addicted to the illegal substances.
He said he started with weed, graduated to coke and went into a cocktail of other illegal substances.
Kenya said he became so much addicted that without smoking he could not eat. That affected his lifestyle, he admitted.

He said he started beating up his step mom, fighting with police and dealt ruthlessly with event organisers who attempted to cheat him.
In his addiction, he said he knew within him that it was not a worthy lifestyle, claiming that he could lock himself in a room the whole day and cry.
Apparently Kenya was not only into drugs. He said when he visited inmates in one of the prisons to celebrate his four years anniversary in Christ, he saw pasted on the walls of the prison 15 crimes that could lead a person into jail.
“Out of the 15, I committed about 12 of them,” he confessed, adding, “I should have been in prison.”




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