I only went to church to save family reputation – Majid Michel

I only went to church to save family reputation – Majid Michel

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Multiple award-winning actor, Majid Michel has been sharing what he called leadership inspirational messages for a while now.

Well this time around, Majid disclosed why he went to church while growing up, talks about how success of a pastor is measured, how pastors compete with each other and more.

He posted on Instagram….

The only reason i went to church when i was growing up,… i did so only because it was the respectable thing to do. My motivation for attending was for the sake of my family’s reputation. Actually, i visited many churches around and met many ministers. Among the ministers, i don’t remember ever meeting one that i felt was in his position because God had chosen him to minister to the people. i recall a conversation that i heard one Monday. A pastor was visiting my father and he said, “Boy, i really preached yesterday morning. i had them jumpin’ benches and screaming at every word i said. And you know, i must have really been preaching, because they raised an unusual amount of money for me.” And it wasn’t my first time hearing that. i soon became aware that success in the ministry was measured only in terms of money. The success of a pastor was measured in how big a car he drove and the quality of the clothes he wore. Most pastors competed against one another to build the biggest and the most prestigious or famous church. i also learned that a tremendous number of preachers were involved in improper sexual relationships. They had extra- marital affairs, committed adultery with members of their congregations, and had plenty of “girl friends” when they traveled to church conventions. Many of them exploited their people. The word among preachers was, “Make them give, make them honor you.” There was no mention of Jesus Christ, no mention of the need to reach and help the drug addicts, the alcoholic, no mention of mothers living in a two-by-four flat with five, six, or seven children in a one or two bedroom without a husband. No mention of how the church can become relevant to this situation. Even taking in new members was another money game. Most pastors, when they saw a new person coming to join their church, saw nothing but money signs. They did not see a soul that was thirsting to know God. All i saw in the ministry was phonies, hypocrites, actors, and money-grabbers who were in the business solely for what they could get out of it and who were not the least bit interested in the souls of men! #LEADERSHiP


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