I Regret Leaving Shatta Wale – Ara B

I Regret Leaving Shatta Wale – Ara B

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Former protégé to Shatta Wale, Ara B has revealed that his exit from the Shatta Movement camp was a mistake.

He explained that during his time with the Shatta Movement boss, Shatta Wale, a myriad of misunderstandings arose as a result of miscommunication on several issues.

He added that even though he paved way for all those who later revolted against the ‘Borjor’ hitmaker to follow suit, he regrets leaving the Shatta Movement camp.

“There were so many things Joint was saying that I disagree with. I was the first person to have a beef with Shatta Wale in the camp. I started that dirtiness and people like Pope Skinny, Addi Self and others have come to take advantage of it. I regret leaving the camp but a part of me also doesn’t regret because of the people that surrounded 1 Don”, he told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz On 15 June 2020.

He continued, “It wasn’t anything between me and Shatta. At that time, it was the people around him. They made the work feel very uncomfortable. Basically, it was misunderstanding and miscommunication because of the people around him.”

Ara B, commenting on the recent dismissal of the SM militants from the camp, said that he didn’t enjoy what they enjoyed during his time and therefore justified Shatta Wale’s position on the issue.

On the same platform the same day, Shatta Wale praised Ara B for working hard and exhibiting his talent while he was in the camp.

Shatta Wale sealed it off by announcing a reconciliation.

He said: “Everything is now sorted between us, and I am going to do a collaboration with Ara-B very soon. The song that he’s just released, I would feature in the Video.”

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