I Was Treated Unfairly At Multimedia – Ohemaa Woyeje Reveals

I Was Treated Unfairly At Multimedia – Ohemaa Woyeje Reveals

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Former Adom FM mid-morning show host, Ohemaa Woyeje, has explained the details of her exit from Multimedia.

Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, the multi-lingual presenter explained that she was resigning because the terms of her contract had been breached and she wasn’t happy.

“I took my vacation and returned in October. I resumed work and about an hour before I went on air, my boss sent me a Whatsapp message asking me to hand over the show to someone else, without any explanation.

“My contract of employment at Multimedia is as a presenter and per my job description, I’m to host, entertain and engage listeners with music and delivery but they breached the contract by assigning me new roles that have nothing to do with presenting such as field jobs and production work.

“My bosses took this decision alone, there was no prior notification or communication. I was not ready for these new roles so I have quit,” she said.

She said she asked for explanation for her reassignment but she wasn’t convinced by the reasons her bosses gave. According to Ohemaa Woyeje, her last day at Multimedia is today, January 31.

This news is certainly not going to go down well with her teeming fans who have been sending her messages on her social media platforms.

“It hasn’t been easy, there has been a lot of pressure, I have received calls and text messages from people in Ghana and abroad who all want to know why I’m not on air. Even some pastors have been calling me, telling me they use my motivation messages as inspiration to preach.

“But what can I do? I mean, I was wholeheartedly doing my work. In my years with Multimedia, I put my all into my job but the way the whole thing was thrown at me was someway. My boss couldn’t even call me and waited till about an hour before I went on air to tell me not to.

“I really don’t want to hustle with anybody over a job and that’s why I have decided to go. I have responded to my fans on social media and they should keep monitoring my social media pages for my next step,” she stated.

In spite of the way things have turned out, Ohemaa Woyeje said her time at Adom FM had been very fulfilling. “It has been a great experience; the awards, revenue and opportunities I have had have been amazing. I have learnt a lot at Multimedia and I don’t have regrets about my time there at all.”

On what’s next after this, Ohemaa Woyeje, who runs a number of businesses, including an Ice Bar in Accra, said she wants to take a break and focus on her ventures before deciding on where to go next.

“I have a lot of offers I am considering right now. One of them is quite urgent and it is possible I might sign their contract, but for now I am taking a break, but rest assured, I will be back on air before the year ends,” she said.

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