Infinix Announce NOTE3 and Noise-cancelling Headphone into Ghana’s Market

Infinix Announce NOTE3 and Noise-cancelling Headphone into Ghana’s Market

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Smart device maker Infinix held a product launch in Ghana on September 16, 2016 to announce the NOTE3 smartphone and XE02 noise-cancelling headphone as two new products. This all new smartphone is the 3rd generation of Infinix NOTE Series, with the industry-
leading “5 min charge: 200 min talk” as its primary highlight; the XE02 noise-cancelling headphone also comes with a high-performance, automatic noise-cancelling IC able to reduce up to 95% of all noise.

These two new products have been drawing wide attention since they were released. Infinix has also established strategic partnerships with famous local carrier MTN and e-commerce platform Jumia in order to co-provide local consumers with comprehensive services across the industry chain.

This product announce conference was attended by Bryan Hou, Head of Marketing, Bruno Li, West Africa Manager, Kinmo Cai, Ghana Country Manager of Infinix, and MTN, Jumia partners also made speeches and witnessed the introduction of the NOTE3 smartphone and XE02 noise-cancelling headphone into Ghaha together with the attending partners and journalists. As smartphone apps become increasingly abundant, there are higher user requirements on a smartphone’s battery life and user experience improvements through

accessories, according to Bryan Hou. With industry-leading technologies, Infinix has made NOTE3 excellent in terms of battery life while having a wide view. Moreover, it has once again raised consumers’ user experience to a new level by freeing their hands through an industry-
leading noise-cancelling technology for headphones.

NOTE3 Smartphone — “5 min charge: 200 min talk” The all new NOTE3 features a battery with an ultra-large capacity of 4,500 mAh and a high capacity-to-volume ratio at 651 Wh/l. Deep XOS optimization brings amazing battery life improvements that easily achieve standby times of up to 2.5 days during average use; setting a new benchmark in the industry. “5 min charge: 200 min talk “as its primary selling point demonstrates unusually fast charging.

Also included in the Infinix NOTE3 is a water cooling system that follows the same principles as those in the satellite heat dissipation technology. Overall temperature rise is controlled and constant-current fast charging extended via fast heat dissipation, resulting in the battery achieving nearly a 50% charge after only 30 minutes.

In addition, NOTE3 features a 6.0”, 1,080-pixel ultra-high definition screen that brings even finer images and a stronger visual impact. It comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5.0 megapixels’ front-
facing camera. With an overall thickness of only 8.4 mm and an integrated body made of aluminum alloy, Infinix NOTE3 boasts flowing lines like those of a Cadillac.

The all new XE02 noise-cancelling headphone was built upon a world-
leading noise-cancelling technology. A high-performance, automatic noise-cancelling IC is able to reduce up to 95% of all noise. You can cancel noise for pure music simply by pressing one key to create a whole new world exclusive to your enjoyment. Hi-fi sound effects with a 110-dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), in combination with distinct gradation, make it possible to hear sounds as they truly are. Made of aluminum alloy for aircraft, this headphone perfectly combines an ergonomic design with engineering. With a 2.5D surround design, the noise-cancelling box is uniquely crafted with distinctive details.

Unique, shark fin-shaped covers with oval earbuds lead to a disc-like appearance of the headphone as part of Infinix XE02’s unmistakable exterior. With a fully charged smartphone, XE02 works for up to eight hours to let you enjoy music with

no need to worry about power.

Technological innovations as the most remarkable selling points of the two new Infinix products have once again become available in Ghana’s market for smart devices, highlighting Infinix’s unusual strength and ability to innovate while bringing nice surprises to local consumers!






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