Itz Tiffany — Forgive (Music Video) Dir by Nana Asihene

Itz Tiffany — Forgive (Music Video) Dir by Nana Asihene

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Itz Tiffany is back people!!! After a very long break from music which I believe happened as a result of some few issues she had relating to her private videos been leaked online, she is back like never before with this new single she calls “Forgive” which I believe is dedicated to people who contributed to her internet saga and those who “poured more petrol in the fire” just to see the issue keep rising to different stages.

The song which is produced by Mix Masta Garzy and JaySo got some groovy reggae feeling and got Tiffany going all wild, crazy and bard on it. The video did show more of this and you can tell she is really on the loose and about to blow our minds! I guess it will be nice to be forgiven this way all the time LOL. Feeling this joint challe! Check it out and share!! Video directed by Nana Asihene.





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