I’ve 12 Tattoos, More Of Them At ‘Hidden’ Places – Jasmine Baroudi

I’ve 12 Tattoos, More Of Them At ‘Hidden’ Places – Jasmine Baroudi

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Ghanaian actress Jasmine Baroudi has disclosed in a sit-down chat with celebrity blogger Zionfelix that she has about 12 tattoos on her body many of which are at ‘hidden’ places.

The Peep TV series actress who has been off the acting scene for some time now as a result of the birth of her baby girl in the chit-chat with Zionfelix.net in Accra stated that: “… I think I have 15 or 12… It is only one you can see… like you said you didn’t even realize I have tattoos, you can have tattoos at hidden places, which I do…”

Jasmine, when asked about why she will decide to have tattoos at hidden places and will not show, stated that she does them not to exhibit but for herself and because she likes them, even though she does not have any particular reason why she likes them.

The mother of one also told Zionfelix that her first experience under a tattoo needle was “f**kn painful” but she believes in the adage ‘no pain, no gain’ and since she also liked the experience, she has never looked back on her tattoo journey.

The actress also used the interview to finally react to reports of her husband, Flashkickk sending his naked pictures to an Instagram girl two years after the publication.

Jasmine Baroudi is a top actress, who is very popular for her roles in series/movies including Adam’s Apple, Peep, V – Republic, Desperations, Contract and I Do.

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