Jim Iyke spotted at DKB point of view show?

Jim Iyke spotted at DKB point of view show?

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The historic DKB Point of View one-man comedy show that was held 3 weeks ago

at the National theatre didn’t go down as an ordinary event. The event was graced by

many celebrities who came to support a brother and also have a great night.

Seated close to the front row of the auditorium, laughing hysterically at the jokes

comedy king DKB was sharing, was this particular guy that caught my attention. His

fashion sense, facial hair, looks, swag and even the way he was seated with his shades

on, reminded me of the famous Nigerian actor Jim Iyke. The shot of the person leaves

me with me question “did Jim Iyke attend DKB's Point of View comedy show”?

I believe, if that was Jim Iyke, then he wanted to keep a low profile to avoid too

much attention so as to enjoy the show like a regular person would. I am not really clear

if indeed it was the Nigerian actor so i would love it if he would clear the air for me.


Anyway if it really was Jim Iyke or his look alike, the person really enjoyed himself

on the night because he was rolling in laughter.





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