@JohnDumelo1 congratulates @AbeikuSantana on his Ambassadorial appointment

@JohnDumelo1 congratulates @AbeikuSantana on his Ambassadorial appointment

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Popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, who was recently appointed Tourism Minister before Abeiku Santana was, has congratulated the latter.

Speaking to Ghanapoliticsonline.com, John Dumelo said he will like to congratulate Abeiku Santana for joining him to promote Ghana in terms of Tourism.

“Together, we will aim at making Ghana a number one Tourist Destination in Africa” he said

“I know for as a fact that Abeiku Santana has travelled a lot and hosted a lot of Tourism programs and I believe his experience will help him do a very good job. I want to say that every Ghanaian is an ambassador because we promote Tourism one way or the other. Our main aim is to promote Ghana Tourism and put Ghana on the Map in terms of Tourism so let’s rally behind each other to make Ghana a better place.” He hinted.

Mr Dumelo added that, Tourism if taken seriously, will create job opportunities for the youth especially in the hospitality industry.


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