Joy FM Did Not Sack Joselyn Dumas – Kofi Ansah Clarifies

Joy FM Did Not Sack Joselyn Dumas – Kofi Ansah Clarifies

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Head of Programmes at Joy FM, Kofi Ansah has dismissed reports claiming the co-host of Joy FM’s late afternoon show, Drive Time, Joselyn Dumas was sacked by her employers at the Multimedia Group Limited.

Confirming Joselyn’s exit in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb, Kofi Ansah clarifies that the popular TV presenter voluntarily vacated her post due to her busy schedule as an actress and entrepreneur.

He said, the award winning actress wrote to the company about her inability to fully fulfill her contractual arrangements with The Multimedia Group due to her numerous movie shoots hence, a proposal to disengage her services with the company.

Mr. Ansah further explains, Joselyn is mostly outside the country, particularly in the US shooting her own shows, a reason she wants to resign and have time for her acting career.

“Joselyn wasn’t sacked by Joy FM. She took a decision to end the relationship officially due to her busy schedule. She has a lot on her plate now and happens to be shooting episodes of her shows outside the country which means she will be out of town for longer periods and she felt it wasn’t fair for us to be paying her when she’s mostly unavailable to be on the Drive Time show,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said, although Joselyn Dumas has officially ended her contract with the media conglomerate, she will occasionally be heard on the show as and when she is available despite her exit.

“So officially she’s written to us to abrogate the contract but there is still an informal relationship so you will be hearing Joselyn on the show every now and then,” Mr. Ansah disclosed.

The Head of Programmes also discredited reports suggesting Joselyn Dumas was being sabotaged by her colleagues at Joy FM owing to her frequent absence from her post.

According Kofi Ansah, Joselyn had no issues with the entire Drive Time team, particularly the host of the show, Lexis Bill.

He stressed, “If you walk in here I’m sure you’d know that nothing of the sort happened. People will make up stories. I don’t even know where these things are coming from.”

Joselyn Dumas was engaged by the Multimedia Group in March 2018 as co-host of the station’s flagship late afternoon show, ‘Drive Time on Joy’.






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