Kendrick Lamar accused of brutally beating a woman and leaving her bloody in Vegas room

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A former female security guard who worked at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas released a video recently claiming that rapper Kendrick Lamar was investigated for allegedly brutally beating a woman and leaving her bloody in a room in the hotel. The guard claimed the battered woman called them for help and when they got to the room, found her in a terrible state. But the guard never said she saw Kendrick lay hands on the woman. This happened in May. What she said below…

“On Memorial Day Weekend . . . so I get dispatched up to one of the rooms to help some girl get down to the casino. She ends up being all bloody and things, so I had to call my supervisor, then I had to call my other supervisor, then I had to call my boss. And I was like, “We have a situation,” because half of her face was like blown out.” Continue…

Come to find out that she was with a certain rapper, who had assaulted her . . . and his first name is [Kendrick]. [Audience aks if she means Kendrick Lamar]. Yeah. . . He beat up some chick, [and] there was like blood everywhere.
There were cops there, and we didn’t find out it was Kendrick until later. . . . She ended up pressing charges, I think.

Kendrick was in Vegas in May to perform at the Rehab Pool Party. But the incident never made news. Kendrick is yet to respond to the accusations.





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