Kidi Opens Up About Baby Mama, Reveals Name Of Son

Kidi Opens Up About Baby Mama, Reveals Name Of Son

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Musician Kidi concealed details about him having a son until he was 3 years old last week.

Many of his fans including celebrities who are close to him were surprised when he posted a photo of the boy on Instagram to celebrate him.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the Sugar Daddy has opened up about the matter.

According to him, though he is no longer in a relationship with his baby mama, they still communicate with each other.

Kidi reiterated his position of having a thing for women older than his age, replying in the affirmative when Andy Dosty asked him: “is your baby mama older than you?”

Kidi further talked about how the birth of his son, Zayn, birthed his success in the Ghanaian music sphere.

“He was born before everything and he brought blessings on my life. I am still cool with my baby mama and my son is called Zayn,” he told Andy Dosty.






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