Kwabena Kwabena Vrs Papa Loggy: The Beef, Screen Shots & Court Threats

Kwabena Kwabena Vrs Papa Loggy: The Beef, Screen Shots & Court Threats

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Renowned Ghanaian highlife singer, song writer and performer Kwabena Kwabena born George Kwabena Adu seems to be at war with his new management, Loggy Entertainment .

The two entities who announced their decision to work together in late 2018 at a short ceremony at the Swiss spirit hotel in the presence of several pressmen seem to have some form of friction between them which is very disturbing. During the signing, Prince Nana Boakye aka Papa Loggy mentioned that the two will work together for the next 2 years. He added that the contract will enable the ‘Aso’ hitmaker embark on tours in and outside Ghana for shows.

“I still have a feel to work with a legendary artist like Kwabena Kwabena though I vowed not to manage any artist after the death of Daasebre Gyamena because of the challenges I faced” Loggy revealed on the day.

He added prior to meeting Kwabena Kwabena, he had heard a lot of bad things about him and never thought he would work with him, but according to the man who said he wants the betterment of the industry, all the negative perceptions he had about the musician changed after they met.

Things seem to have fallen apart as has chanced on a conversation between the two parties which depicts that both are not in good terms.

Kwabena Kwabena sent this to Loggy: “Loggy, you are aware we have not had a well negotiated gig since we started. All I have done with you, I didn’t do for money. I am not after money, I respect people so be patient and let’s all respect ourselves. I will have to honor Akwaaba, Dennis said he had 3k for the band. I just have to honor. Thanks ”

And the response from Loggy which seems shocking: “kwabena, Good morning. Before I’ll take you to where ever, I’m ready to get my money invested in your musical career. I need the loan u came for ASAP. The 4,000 cedis you borrowed from me to pay your kids school fees and the 2,000 cedis you took to fix your car engine. Advice yourself and bring back my money today, I don’t want to see you anywhere and embarrass you for that money, I’m serious about. And as for the rest I spent on the “Tokro” song. I know how to go about it in a lawful way.”

In an exclusive interview with Papa Loggy on Sunday, he confirmed that Kwabena`s lawyer has called to inform him about their readiness for the law courts if he thinks he has been treated unfairly by Kwabena Kwabena. The lawyer whose name was not given also cautioned Loggy to refrain from further social media abuse or bullying on their client else he faces defamatory charges. 

Meanwhile, Loggy insists he will be pushing this issue until his last limit as he is ready to retrieve his investment from Kwabena Kwabena including personal loans to him, investment and other property given to him. 

Papa Loggy further revealed that preparations to go to court has started and that they are only waiting for their first court date and he has compiled 1000`s of evidence to pin Kwabena Kwabena down. Watch the first song from Kwabena Kwabena with Loggy Entertainment called “Tokro” funded by Loggy.

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